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Full Fact launches consultation about a shared model to fight online misinformation

Full Fact has launched a consultation to inform its thinking about a framework to fight online misinformation.  

The pandemic is just the latest in a number of emergency events which have triggered waves of misinformation. Misinformation can be life-threatening (as we see with vaccine hesitancy). In order to tackle this threat effectively, Full Fact's proposals identify:

  • a method to determine the severity of an "information incident";
  • common or predictable challenges; and
  • joint aims to ensure there is a coordinated response (by government, experts, platforms and media) to promote trusted sources and to debunk bad information.

The consultation is open until 14 May 2021 and seeks contributions from those whose work, audiences or users are affected by misinformation.

While every incident is unique, predictable challenges will often emerge for those trying to find and distribute reliable information and/or tackle bad information. It is possible to identify patterns in the chaos. By identifying the most common challenges in advance we can prepare coordinated responses to reduce the harm that bad information can bring.


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