Last night we hosted a fascinating debate at the Royal College of Medicine in London on the future of AI in healthcare. Our panellists included an industry leader, an ethical expert, and representatives from the NHS AI Lab and the medical regulator. Their views ranged from regulating to enable innovation, the need to protect the public from harm, to how to create the patient trust necessary for the benefits of AI to be fully realised.  

To accompany the event, we commissioned a survey of public opinion on AI in healthcare. We asked questions around attitudes to medical AI applications, use of personal data, trust, awareness and responsibility. We are happy to release the findings of that survey in a new white paper. We think the findings make for interesting reading for the various stakeholders in the healthcare AI industry - from designers of AI systems, health bodies seeking to leverage AI in treatment, regulators looking at the impact of new and existing laws, and patient bodies.  

We hope that those of you who attended enjoyed our summit and also enjoy reading our white paper.