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“It’s in the game” - the rise of in-gaming advertising

As the gaming industry continues to grow across all formats – boosted significantly during the pandemic – advertisers and brands are increasing their focus on “in gaming” advertising as a way to reach and engage with audiences in a virtual setting. Gaming is firmly in the mainstream, with over half the world’s population now regularly playing games across one or more of the big three formats:- PC, console and – the most accessible of all – mobile.

With such a broad, engaged, immersed audience, it is clear to see why gaming represents such an attractive opportunity for advertisers. In the increasing battle for attention in our “second-screening” culture, why not stop trying to draw eyes away from the virtual world and immerse your advertising within it.

This innovative method of advertising presents a host of opportunities for both game developers and brands, but equally poses some unique – though not insurmountable – challenges specific to the format.

Head over to the Cookie Jar for an in-depth look at some of the issues thrown up by in-gaming advertising, and how they may be overcome.

No longer the exclusive pursuit of stereotypical nerdy, hard-core gaming enthusiasts – casual gaming, in particular on mobile, is very much the norm. Anyone who commutes regularly on public transport will be well used to the sight of a hoard of workers, faces lit by screen-glare, immersing themselves in some virtual quest or other.


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