According to a recent post on LinkedIn from BSI, the MHRA's Director of Devices Graeme Tunbridge is leaving the MHRA to take on a new role as BSI's Senior Vice President for Regulatory and Quality, Medical Devices, taking over from Gary Slack.

Tunbridge brings a great deal of experience in government and healthcare policy with him to BSI. According to his biography on, he has been a civil servant for fifteen years, spending the early part of his career working for the Department of Health. He started at the MHRA in 2011 and has been its Director of Devices for just over two years.

His appointment can only strengthen BSI at a time when medical devices regulation in the UK and across Europe is in flux. The EU's new Medical Device Regulation is now in full effect and its new In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation will follow in May of this year. The UK is also holding a consultation on the modernisation of its own medical devices framework, which should result in new legislation in 2023. 

As BSI gets to grip with conducting conformity assessments against the new medical device regulatory frameworks, the knowledge that one of the MHRA's most senior policymakers brings with him will be immensely valuable to its organisation. We wish Graeme all the best in his new role.