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MHRA publishes response to UK MDR consultation

The MHRA has now published the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) response to the public consultation on future changes to the UK MDR.

This is simply a report on the submissions made by participants in the consultation. We haven’t yet spotted any great surprises in it, but the devil is always in the detail and we’ll be going through the report closely in the coming days.

There is still no draft statutory text and we do not know when we can expect the draft, but we are looking forward to reading it when it arrives.

The Med Tech sector is fast-paced, and our regulatory framework needs to be agile enough to respond. This response sets out measures we consulted on which we will now move to implementation, as well as some where we will need to consult further. Along with our key partners, we will continue to work to develop our approach, keeping patient safety at the heart of the framework and building on the standing of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency as a leading global regulator.


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