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A look at advanced materials in the NS&I Act 2021

Are you investing or operating in a sensitive area of the economy according to the National Security and Investment Act? If so, acquisitions of entities working with advanced materials might require notification to the UK government. 

The entire list of “Advanced Materials” is both long and broad. So, in order to help you understand how the provisions of the NSI Act might affect your business, we've provided a summary and an overview on the Cookie Jar, Bristows' technology hub. We hope it will be useful for investors that are looking at any business working with technologies such as semiconductors, nanotechnology, and graphene.

There are also some interesting sci-fi sounding Advanced Materials described in the Regulations including: “textile-based wearable electronics with potential to enable subtle integration of electronics with the human body for human-machine interfacing” and “nanomachines or nanoscale robots either with physically moving parts or capable of physical movement”


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