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Why do IT projects fail?

Digital transformation projects can come in all shapes and sizes, and can vary hugely in complexity and importance for a business. For a multitude of reasons, many of these projects will unfortunately fail. In our latest "double-header" episode of The Roadmap, we take a look at why these projects typically fail and - more positively - how this can be prevented both by good contract drafting, but also by implementing the correct processes pre-contract and operationally during the project. 

If and when a project does go wrong, we also discuss what areas of the contract a litigator is likely to focus in on, why the all-important service descriptions should not be neglected, and what should be (in light of recent cases) included in the contract to give you the best chance of recovering your losses if the worst happens. 

Our expert litigators Anna Cook and Angela Fouracre bring their wealth of knowledge litigating IT contracts to give an insight which we hope will be of use to tech lawyers, project leads and procurement professionals alike. You can listen to the two episodes - and all other episodes of The Roadmap - here

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