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New podcast: Luke & Naomi's FRAND-ly Chat

After you've written, spoken and presented on a topic, it's only natural to get a podcast!

Bristows is delighted to announce the premiere of a FRAND-ly Chat, hosted by my wonderful friend and colleague, Naomi Hazenberg, and me. We hope to explore worldwide FRAND issues from an English perspective, delving into the detail where needed, but keeping things fairly brief and to the point. That's the official version. Unofficially, someone has just been recording Naomi and me chatting over a cup of tea, so perhaps we need new hobbies!

Our first episode covers a personal favourite - jurisdiction. Look out for more episodes in the future on confidentiality / disclosure, patent pools, FRAND methodologies, plus I dare say we might have a thing or two to say about any judgments should they be handed down.

Listen to "Jurisdiction: Where are we now?" here

"A great way to spend a Friday evening" (anonymous source who may be related to one of the speakers)


sep frand disputes, technology, competition litigation