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Innovative ways to structure a digital transformation deal

One of the most important decisions when embarking on the digital transformation process is deciding on the deal structure. There are a number of different ways to structure a deal and each have their own inherent risks and rewards.

We have noticed a trend for companies to adopt innovative deal structures to meet their business objectives. Often these models are entrepreneurial and solve more than discrete issues. In particular we are increasingly seeing non-tech companies harnessing the concepts of scalability and knowledge sharing to produce something that is valuable and cutting-edge.

In the latest episode of The Roadmap, our corporate and tech lawyers summarise different ways companies can partner with tech firms or leverage the company’s existing intellectual property or data. We particularly focus on innovative structures, including collaborative joint ventures and incentivising investments, and how to achieve benefits while reducing risk.

You can listen to the latest episode - and all other episodes of The Roadmap - here

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