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InterDigital v Lenovo - OxFirst webinar

It was an absolute pleasure to take part in this webinar alongside my friends and colleagues, Myles Jelf and Sophie Lawrance. In particular, it was great to delve into the key FRAND principles explored by Mr Justice Mellor, his guidance on licence unpacking (objectivity is the name of the game in his view), and some particularly interesting views on past sales. 

We then go deeper into the comparables exercise conducted by the court, the particular factual matrix that meant Lenovo gained an upper hand in the selection of licences (there was no evidence any of them should be ignored because of hold-out, and they related to similar sized entities to Lenovo itself), and how the court got to its final landing zone. A few key take-aways rounded off the discussion.

Thank you so much to OxFirst for hosting us. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Equally, please do click here for our short summary of the key paragraphs to focus on.

In this OxFirst hosted webinar, our experts Sophie Lawrance, Myles Jelf, and Luke Maunder discuss the key arguments advanced in the case, the decision and any questions left unanswered.


sep frand disputes, technology, patent litigation