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Tech M&A podcast: First two episodes now available

In line with the UK’s bid to become a global leader in innovation, we are seeing an increased focus on deals driven by pioneering technology. In light of this, we have launched a short series exploring some key themes arising in M&A and investment transactions where technology is the dominant value driver.

The first two episodes are available now with more to follow in the coming weeks.

Episode one: Generative AI

In this episode, Chris Devlin and Julia Cockroft explore the impact the National Security and Investment Act 2021 has had on transactions involving companies active in AI. The conversation then moves onto the valuable R&D tax reliefs that might be available to businesses harnessing the power of AI and how those reliefs should be taken into account as part of deal negotiations.


Episode two: Trends in Medtech M&A

In this episode of Tech M&A, Sophie Rees and Jamie Hatzel discuss some of the recent trends affecting medtech M&A, in particular recent regulatory changes which are affecting the evolution of the sector. They also discuss some of the M&A pitfalls which have arisen out of those trends – and how focussed due diligence can help investors avoid them.

Note: All information was correct at the time of recording.


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