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EU 'SEPs Expert Group' report just released

The SEPs expert group, set up by the Commission in July 2018, was tasked to provide the Commission with economic, legal and technical expertise and to assist the Commission in forming policy measures.

The expert group has just produced a report setting out its findings and proposals for the future framework for SEPs licensing and valuation.

The report is long and addresses the key issues in SEP licensing practice, including: transparency, where to licence in the the value chain, determination of a FRAND royalty and FRAND terms.

Luke Maunder discusses some of the views further here.

Look out for follow up posts with more analysis of the key findings.

They have identified key challenges, analysed current ways of dealing with them and made a number of proposals, called “structural reforms”, that may be considered to achieve the suggested way forward.


technology, patent litigation, competition litigation, sep frand disputes