On 30 March 2021, Epic announced that it filed a complaint against Apple to the UK's Competition and Markets Authority to support the UK antitrust watchdog's ongoing investigation into whether Apple's terms and conditions for app developers are unfair and anti-competitive.  This is a further step in Epic's global battle against Apple, which it started in the US and has now brought to the UK, Europe and  Australia.

For those interested, we wrote about the dispute generally here and its initial arrival in the UK here.  Unfortunately for Epic, the proceedings it issued in the UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal were dismissed because England was not deemed the appropriate forum for the dispute, though the Court did note that it considered there was a serious issue to be tried in the US (see my colleague Matt Hunt's post about that here).  Epic appears to have seized on the CMA's investigation as a second opportunity to have its case heard in the UK without pesky procedural issues getting in the way.

Epic clearly has no intention of relenting in its complaints against Apple, and the dispute remains an exciting one to follow between two global tech behemoths.