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The metaverse and the law – an article series

Over the past seven weeks or so, we have released fourteen articles which discuss a variety of real-world legal issues and how they might be approached, or adapted, in the context of the metaverse.

You can read each of the articles, on The Cookie Jar (the home for views on all things influencing technology), via the links below.

We will also be discussing the metaverse, during an afternoon of insightful discussions, at our Tech Summit. To find out more, and register your interest, click here.


  1. Welcome to the metaverse: part one by Daniel Owen and Charles Purdie
    This first article provides a high-level overview and focuses on jargon-busting.

  2. Welcome to the metaverse: part two by Daniel Owen and Charles Purdie
    We explore initial iterations of “metaverse-like” platforms and what's currently in use, or under development, and consider what the metaverse will look like in the future.

  3. NFTs in the metaverse by Greg Ruback
    We look at the uses and purposes of NFTs, the role they could play in the metaverse and the legal risks and issues such use could raise.

  4. Brand protection in the metaverse by Marc Linsner
    We consider some of the key legal challenges brands may face in relation to trade mark protection.

  5. Advertising in the metaverse by Andrew Butcher
    We explore how advertising could operate in the metaverse and the legal and regulatory issues that may arise.

  6. Copyright in the metaverse by Jake Palmer
    We examine the role copyright may play in the metaverse and consider how rights holders can protect their creations in a virtual world.

  7. Taxation in the metaverse by Julia Cockroft
    We explore how real world international tax rules may be applied and adapted to effectively tax revenue and profits generated in these virtual worlds.

  8. Competition/antitrust issues in the metaverse by Matthew Hunt
    We focus on the competition law matters which may arise in the metaverse.

  9. Jurisdiction and torts in the metaverse by Ben Coleman
    We explore how courts might grapple with the question of identifying an appropriate jurisdiction for litigation arising from the metaverse.

  10. Reputation and the metaverse by Victoria Baron
    We examine the difficulties of bringing a defamation case arising from actions or words spoken in the metaverse.
  11. Online harms and safety in the metaverse by Sukanya Majumdar
    We explore how the metaverse is challenging lawmakers around the world to modernise how they protect their citizens online.

  12. Data protection in the metaverse by Cosima Lumley
    We explore how data protection legislation will apply to the metaverse and how it may impact features of the metaverse including avatar creation, extended reality and platform interoperability.

  13. Working in the metaverse – what employers need to know by Emily Atkinson
    We discuss some of the employment law considerations that employers should have in mind when thinking about setting up their own workplace in the metaverse.

  14. Financial regulation in the metaverse - by Cosima Lumley
    We examine the current and incoming financial regulations that will impact the metaverse.


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